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Cousin Skeeter is the owner of the store Buy Yo Steelo near the House where Shrek is a regular customer. Before starting his own store, he had his own show on Nickelodeon from 1998-2001 named after himself where he had lived with his cousin in Brooklyn, New York. He is known to be the ex-boyfriend of Johnny Test prior to BSTH. It is also known that he helped Chris Colfer in hopes of getting Shrek to go out with Kenan Thompson.

Relationships & Kidnapping ScandalEdit

Cousin Skeeter is known for his on and off relationships, especially with other men, mostly those who aren't puppets like him. Hardcore fans of Johnny knows that they used to date, but they really weren't the perfect fit despite almost getting a reality TV show together on their future marriage and relationship. All did not go well due to Will Smith Fish introducing Johnny to Shrek , Cory , and Barry causing his show with Cousin Skeeter to be dropped and BSTH airing in its place instead. It left Cousin Skeeter heartbroken and frustrated. Due to the event, he eventually kidnapped both Johnny and Barry in jealousy. It caused an outrage between fans of Cousin Skeeter and BSTH and a restraining order was put in place after the event. No one knows his current whereabouts other than him constantly working in his store and going to clubs to strip.

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