After getting board in the house because Shrek,Barry and Johnny went to the hospital to see Ratboy Genius after he was almost killed and Summer Solstice actually was killed,Cory decides to go get Ikea ice cream.To his dismay,it's closed.Prompting him to break in to Ikea.He successfully does so,however setting off security alarms in the process.

He is then arrested and with his one phone call,Calls Shrek to profess his love once again and asks Shrek to break him out.They do successfully,only to realize that Barry is gone as well as Johnny.A cutaway shows them in a closet making out,With this news in tow,Cory and Shrek go home without them.

The episode ends with a cliffhanger as the news flashes on and shows Cory as a wanted Fugitive,Promting that he can't aid Shrek in The next adventures

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