Season 7 episode 14


This episode was delayed 3 times before being released.

Cory is under lots of pressure from his ghetto cousins in the hood. They want him to come in visit and say that he's weak and would never survive the hood. After the 14th threatening call over the phone Cory snaps and decides to go to his cousin Frank's house. Shrek, his boyfriend, really wants to come with him because he'll miss him and wants to make sure he lives but Cory informs. "I MUST DO THIS ON MY OWN"

After the long drive he arrives in the most ghetto hood in the world and he press his cousin's house's doorbell. Then he falls over in pain because someone shot him in the buttox with a bb gun and his cousin opens the door fast! And he says "SHIT! THE ALIENS! THEY'RE HERE AGAIN! GET INSIDE CORY!" and the slam and lock the door and all the other 50 ghetto cousins living in the house proceed to throw shit in front of the door such as tables, dressers, womens underwear, frying pans, eggs, dead bodies, toys, nintendo 64's, poop, puke and pee. Then they board up all the windows and the episode ends in a "to be continued"...

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