Cory Baxter
Name Cory Baxter
Sex Male
Age 15
Species Human
Relatives Victor Baxter (father)
Tanya Baxter (mother)
Raven Baxter (sister)
Introduced in Welcome to the House
Latest appearance Cory is love
Voiced by Kyle Massey

Cory Baxter is one of the main protagonists of Bee Shrek Test in the House. He is a laid back kid who seems to have everything going for him, except his love life. He's been around the block with all three of his housemates, but he never seems to find true love.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Pussy DestroyerEdit

Cory has a superpower like the rest of the Better Four that allows him to destroy pussy. This idea was first brought up in Cory's Sweet Ass, and was referenced later on in the series up to the point where he continues to pursue his career as a pornstar at the end of the original series. Despite the power of the pussy destroyer, David Bowie's pussy destroyer is far greater, causing Cory to be very envious. Cory makes it his goal to become the "ultimate" pussy destroyer

Stand : Hierophant Phalic Imagery Edit

Cory unlocked his stand when he was piereced by an arrow with this power he can turn anything he wants into his house and control it he prefers his pussy destroying ablities so he rarley uses it.

Cory's Porn NamesEdit

  • Whorey Asster
  • Cornhole Master
  • Whorey Cory
  • Cory In Your House
  • rob schneider


  • Cory is often believed to be in a relationship with Shrek by fans. This ship, Chrek, is often associated with the song Call Me Maybe.
  • The ship Carry (Cory X Barry) is often associated with the song Black and Yellow for obvious reasons.
    • yea. uh huh. u kno what it is black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow
  • There is also a fan ship called Cortest which is Johnny x Cory.
  • In Season 9, Cory finds out he had sex with Lonk's mom and made a baby with her because they are both porn stars and his condom blew up in the middle of a sex recording. Cory says it was worth it cause shes so hot and they are now partners in porn tapes. Lonk is very angry over this because that means that his dad is now Cory and has an annoying little brother called Lank. Afterwards Lonk erased his mother from time itself and God allowed him to live even though he wouldn't be alive if he killed his mother.

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