Centipedes are the minions of Little King John. In the epsiode "Potato Knishes ", centipeds are revealed to be transmuted people.

Appearance and PowersEdit

Centipedes resemble little black worms with legs, making them fucking creepy, and possess a mildly venomous bite that causes nausea and itching. Although the majority of centipedes were destroyed by Ratboy Geniuses machine, many managed to escape, and have been scattered across the BSTH universe ever since. It has been revealed in Season Ten, Episode 15 that Shrek is deathly allergic to their bites, but his layers give him full immunity to all allergens. Centipedes, in low numbers are extremely passive, but in high concentration they transform into Very Large Centipedes.

Very Large CentipedesEdit

Very large centipedes are made of multiple centipedes, and are heavily armored, have a single eye, and can breathe fire.

Gohma Medium

A very large centipede. Unfortunately, cannot be killed with fire.

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