Buy Yo Steelo is a shop located in Washington, D.C. and owned by Cousin Skeeter after his self-titled show got canceled in 2001. Instead of the dollar being the currency at the store, Steelo Points are used instead. You get 150 Steelo points automatically when buying a store membership. Shrek is known to be a regular customer.

Stuff Sold at Buy Yo SteeloEdit

  • Swag
  • Weed
  • Sex toys 
  • Porn
  • Condoms
  • Exercise Videos
  • Bathing suits
  • Lingerie
  • Music
  • Cousin Skeeter DVDs
  • Nickelodeon merchandise
  • Fetish clothing
  • Cosplay materials
  • blu rays
  • dvds
  • itunes cards

How to Earn Steelo PointsEdit

Donate old items to the store and get 50 Steelo Points per item. Or just trade real money for Steelo Points, you gotta be Pay2Win if you want to triumph

Trivia Edit

  • Bling-Bling Boy currently lives in the Buy Yo Steelo parking lot, in a "fortress" he made of cardboard boxes. Cousin Skeeter constantly yells at him for loitering and usually finds ways to tear down Bling-Bling Boy's shitty home. He often threatens to murder him and do "unspeakable things" to the body if he catches him on his property again.
  • Buy Yo Steelo was the "church" where the wedding between Brutaka and Erza Scarlet happened
  • It's also the place where Sundowner killed a baby panda once
  • and it's also the hideout for These Popsicle Sticks I Found

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