Brotherhood of Evil

From left to right, top to bottom:Bane, LKJ, Yellow Diamond, Rattlesnake Jake, Lord Farquaadm Scar, Darth Maul, Roy, Tord, The Necromancer, King Louie, Muffet, Sips, Robbie Rotten, Rumpelstiltskin, Skull Kid

The Brotherhood of Chaos is the biggest society of evil in the world and the biggest threat to the Big Four, no matterwhat the rest of this site says. They are very intelligent and mostly take things seriously and when they do joke about things, their humour is often dark and/or sarcastic.

Main Members Edit


Little King John Edit

LKJ is the member we see the most before the whole team is revealed and is also the leader of the Brotherhood. He formed it in secret to compete with the Supreme 4 and the Old Big Four. The only member he hates is Lord Farquaad, because he just sits about and "makes battle plans".

Bane Edit

Bane is the Muscle of the team. He is extremely intelligent, and his mask makes him feared by most. He is best friends with Scar, and he fed him when Scar was a cub. After joining the Brotherhood, he switched out his coat for another, only this coat was made with the now deceased Shadow.

Scar Edit

While all the members are pretty smart, Scar is definately the smartest. He uses his strength and agility to claw foes to death in a very gory fashion. In fact, one of his kills had to be censored becuase it left the victim completely skinned and lacking half their internal organs. Ouch. He also leads a seemingly everlasting army of hyenas that usually do the work for him.

Lord Farquaad Edit

is lazy. He has no role, except for being the self proclaimed "strategist", but Scar already fills that role. He only joined the Brotherhood for same reason 12 year-olds smoke, becuase he thinks it's cool and gives him a sort-of "status" amongst his friends and foes alike. He was eventually killed by Skull Kid and was replaced by Rumpelstiltskin, who fit the team better and nearly killed Johnny after offering him the chance to have his lab back, but didn't mention it was overrun by rogue experiments.

Other Members Edit

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