Bob Duncan Edit

Bob Duncan is a a reoccurring villian character throughout Bee Shrek Test In The House Season 14.

Introduction Edit

Bob Duncan makes his first appearance in episode 1 of season 14 entitled "Catherine Zita Jone's Super Secret Sex Dungeon" He appears to be freindly at first and even gives Cory Baxter[1] dating advice. This changes throughout each episode as his character evolves into a raging homophobe.

Backstory Edit

Bob reveals in the final episode of season 14, "Duncan Checks In", that he used to be a friend of Johnny Test before he became addicted to opium. Johnny then left him on the sidewalk and never came back. How Sad.

Death Edit

Bob Ducan dies in the first episode of season 15, "Invasion of GRAND DAD", when Aku Aku gang rapes him.

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