Billy Mays
Billy Mays Portrait Cropped
"But that's not all!"
Name Billy Mays
Sex Male
Age 50
Species Human; Ogre(?)
Occupation Salesperson; Super Death Overlord (Season 15, Episode 10)
Relatives Barack Obama (adopted father)
Introduced in Bee My Valentine (season 2, episode 5)
Voiced by Billy Mays
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Billy Mays is an infomercial superstar with extraordinary powers. He has the ability to sell anything, even your soul. He has advertised many products, such as the extremely succesful OxiClean. His cult following on the internet led to him being added into Bee Shrek Test in the House. He has made cameos in every episode since Season 2, but didn't play a major role in the show until Season 20. He is the creator of the world-famous Billy Burger.

History Edit

Billy first appeared in Bee My Valentine, where he had a cameo appearance on the TV in Barry's room. Ever since that episode, Billy had slowly become more and more difficult to spot, all up until Season 20, when we learn he is actually a ruler of a clan of Ogres. The anonymous director of Bee Shrek Test in the House accidentally revealed in an interview that Billy was an ogre-human hybrid. The interviewers went missing later that day.

Personality Edit

Billy is a charismatic and eccentric salesman who fights for his friends. If somebody hurts his friends, they'll be dead in a week. He has a hatred for Farquaad and Drek, but seems to dislike The Big Four because of their overly violent ways. He is still kind to them, but he never hangs around them for long. His best friend is Barack Obama.

Childhood Edit

Billy was born to a human father and an ogre mother. His family life was simple and sweet, but then the Fire Nation attacked. Billy was alone and hungry, stuck in the frozen wasteland that used to be his home. That was, until Barack Obama found him, passed out on the ice. Obama took him to his home in the mountains, and trained him in the art of Onion-Jitsu.

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