Beez in Da Hood is the eighteenth episode of the fourth season.

Plot SummaryEdit

The episode starts off with Barry getting a invitation to a marshmallow toast from his cousins, who live in an L.A. ghetto. Barry accepts, and brings the rest of the Main Four with him. It is then revealed that Bane has followed them, and he attacks the marshmallow toasters, and challenges Cory to a rematch. (This is a call back from their last fight in Season Three's "Cory Stardust and the Spiders from Mars," which ended with Cory winning.) Cory declines, and in Banes following rage he accidentally knocks four of Barry's cousins into the fire pit. Barry is infuriated by this, and challenges Bane to a rap battle. The two proceed to rap it out, which ends with Barry succeding to defeat Bane, who banishes himself to the moon in shame.


Even though being named after it, this episode's plot bears no similarities to Boyz n' Da Hood.

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