BSTH Heroes

North American poster

Bee Shrek Test in the House: The Movie is a 2020 anime movie and a feature-length cinematic adaptation of the critically aclaimed anime seriesof the same name. The film is directed by David Fincher and stars Shrek, James Arnold Taylor, Jerry Seinfeld, and Kyle Massy in their iconic roles. The film is the first film in the BSTH franchise and is also the second to last episode of season nine. The film chronicles the return of the Big Four as they confront the dark lord Chin Chin for the last time in hopes of finally ending his reign of terror and end the legacy of Little King John once and for all. The film was also animated by Studio Gianax.

Upon its release, the film became an instant critical success and drew in $400 million in its opening weekend and only rose from their. The movie has since then become a critical success with movie critics praising the film's visuals, amazing characters, action scenes, and comedy as well as the scope and scale of the story. Fans praised the film as well and the movie helped promote the second series and continue the BSTH franchise.

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