Bee Shrek Test in the House: Farquaad Strikes Back is an action-adventure game developed by Campcom and is the fourth installment of the BSTH video game series. The game chronicles the rise and return of Lord Farquaad from the void after his defeat at the hands of Rob during the Battle of Duloc as he assembles a powerful army to conquere Far Far Away and eventually the world.


The game takes place after the Battle of Duloc where Farquaad was sent into the void by Rob along with the other villains of the Villainous Triumvirate. He manages to find a way to escape the void and leads the other inhabitants of the void out where he assembles a powerful army of warriors and marches across the world in an attempt to conquere the world, but also to get revenge on Shrek and the Big Four who defeated him in his own city.




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