1.Lenny Helps Out

2.Big Shrek Six

3.Filthy Frank Needs A Bath

4.Corys Porn Collection

5.Return Of The Other Teams

6.Shreks Depressed

7.Barry and Johnny's Dance

8.The LMAO Bug

9.I Gotta BEElive!!!!!


11.The Forming Of Evil

12.The Dead Body

13.Lenny Is Conctipated

14.Lenny Gets Laid

15.Lenny Gets A Girlfriend (part 2)

16.Hero Forces

17.The "umg u ustistuc xddddd" Virus

18.Johnney Testicles

19.John Cena Joins The Hero Force

20.Gaben and The Steam Sale

21.Drek is here

22.Can Potato Knishes Be Trusted?

23.Back To Cousin Skeeters Big Ol' Shop

24.Gaben And The Hero Force

25.Shrek and Lenny 2:The Parody Edition

26.Sid The MLG Kid

27.Barry's MLG Promotion

28.Kidnapped By The Illuminati

29.Maybe The Best Episode?

30. nah (Part 2)


32.Beerack Obama Returns

33.Pinkman doesn't like you weeaboos

34.Finns Story About Stakes

35.Finns Story About Steaks

36.Doritos And Mountain Dew Breakfast

37.Ballsack Obama

38.Preperation Is Needed

39.The Season Finale (Part 1)

40.The Season Finale (Part 2)

Season 2 Edit

1.Explaining Of A Plan

2.The Heroes Plan

3.Shreks Lifestory

4.Barrys Life Story

5.Corys Life Story

6.Lennys Life Story

7.The Weeaboos

8.Potato Knishes

9.See You Later,Litches!

10.Sid The MLG Kid

11.Dark Lenny Retrurns

12.Evil Wally

13.Feisty Dorito

14.Lord Farquad

14.The Honey Takers


16.Bling Bling Boy

17.Save PorkBelly

18.John And John Cena

19.A Love Between John and John Cena

20.Snoop Dog

21.Whoever the villain was in that anime who's in a team with Greg Heffley And Homestuck

22.Sinister Fedora Man

23.Mountain Dew Is Bad For Yew


25.Rodrick And Lenny (they replaced the writers for one episode and they just copied the plot off of Shrek and Lenny 2 The Parody which is a parody on Rick and Morty so after this episode the writers got replaced by the old ones)

26.Dunke Kung

27.Misk Buy

28.Magic Man

29.WiI Fit Trainer

30.Villager With An Axe


32.Whoever The Villains Are In Homestuck



35.The Easter Bunny



38.The Twins

39.The Other Kid

40.Dads Friend

41.The Boogey Man

42.The illuminati

43.The Bear.

44.The Triplets

45.The Mother And Father


47.The Lizard

48.The Horse

49.The StepGrandmother...or however they're related

50.Corys Rival Pornstar

51.The Evil Twins

52.Death The Skeleton


54.The Virus

55.What Were The Those

56.The Uncool Memes (Part 2)

57.Vine Memes (Part 3)

58.the grin gunbin

59.theh spodevillains

60.Death In The Family

61.Jack Frost

62.The Girl From Brave


64.The Dragons

65.The Demon


67.The Evil Dragons

68.The Grand Finale

69.The Grand Finale (part 2)

70.The Grand Finale (part 3)

71.The Grand Finale (Part 4)

72.The Grand Finale (Paft 5)

73.The Grand Finale (Part 6)

74.The Grand Finale (Part 7)

75.The Grand Finale (Part 8)

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