"Bee Shrek Test: in the Other Dimension!" is a Platforming Bullet-Hell shooter released in 2012 based on the 2009 movie of the same name.

Corey Baxter, Shrek, Jonny Test, and Barry B. Benson wakes up in an alternate dimension after the space-time continuum gets ripped in half. Throughout the game, it is slowly revealed that a giant Farquaad is the one behind this rip in the space- time continuum and it's up to Corey Baxter, Shrek, Johnny Test, and Barry B. Benson to stab the very obvious X located on the giant Farquaad's back 10 times to destroy the Farquaad and hopefully restore the space-time continuum's original state.

The game's main gimmick is the dreamscape. Throughout the game, there are certain areas where the giant Farquaad seems to have added layers to switches that can help them move foward . Since Shrek is sick of restricting layers, he and everyone has to enter the dreamscape to penetrate the layers which can then help them move on. Each character has their own version of the dreamscape.

  • Cory's dreamscape is widely considered to be the easiest of all of the dreamscapes. And this is because he has the special ability to destroy any pussy. Something that his dreamscape is filled with. There are points in his dreamscape where is his fear of someone else hooking up with Shrek is used againist him. Which results in Cory taking on a completely different personality, with him being blood-hungrier. The boss of his dreamscape is Ratboy genius ,as Ratboy wants to hook up with Shrek too and Corey obviously isn't haven't that shit. This dreamscape is notable for having an "unusual game over screen": a cutaway of Shrek and Ratboy fucking each other and Shrek going into and orgasm.
  • Barry is the second hardest, mainly because since he's a bee, he can fly. So his dreamscape involves him only flying. And since the game is a bullet hell... The game becomes Gradius on crack (otherwise known to those Japanese otakus as Touhou). Barry's dreamscape is notable for not having any bosses, instead the player has to play one stage.
  • Johnny Test's however is the second hardest ,because it a flashback of something going wrong in his sisters lab and ends up try to kill Barry.

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