The Bear Team is a Four Group wich consists in Bear members, their first appearance was in the episode "A Fetish Story", wich Barry B Benson wants to find a bear to have shrex with. He travels in time and find a bear group at the XIX century, they were the biggest Daddy Roosevelt enemies of all time! Their last appearance was in the last 35th season episode "I love creamy Mustard", they were abscent from upcoming 36th season according to all laws of avi... I mean, according to the series productors.


Members Edit

There are four members at the Bear Team, like in any other group at the show.

Winnie The Bootleg Edit

Winnie the Bootleg is the most gay character in the group, and also becomes the Barry lover. He was formely Winnie the Pooh, before chernobyl accident, but you may be asking "How did he suffered the Chernobyl accident if he lived in century XIX" well, this is going to be revealed at season 37th according to Filthy Frank voice actor.

Koda Edit

Also known as "Brother bear", is the character with least appearances and importance at the group, he's scared of everything and suffers of crippling depression, btw even him being the least important character on team, he are the most loved by the LGBT Bear campaign, this make WtB jealous.

The Bear from the Blue House Edit

TBFtBH is the third leader of the group, he's smart and dedicated at his plans to kill Daddy Roosevelt, he also hates Cory, as shown at his major role episode, "House Wars", when the Blue House members and the White House members decide to fight.

Little Bear Edit

He's the group actual president and the main member as well. The only one at the team to not have gay tendencies, however, his friends call him "Small assie" (because he's too small), and that makes him T R I G G E R E D

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