Barry B Benson is one of the Big Four leading main characters who lives in the White House. He is the least popular member of the gang but he is also the newest member so he has an excuse for his declination of popularity. Barry B Benson is an anthropomorphic bee who has had very hard relationship troubles in the past. Originally dating Vanessa Bloome he has moved on and dated Shrek but is now dating Johnny Test.

Personality Edit

Barry B Benson is both a very submissive and controlling character. He makes the rules in the house, and as stated in episode 3, "He makes the rules, Shrek breaks the rules" He liked to manipulate people and pawn them, even convincing a human to think she loved him in the past, but he says he is over with those days and has a heart of gold now. Many people are suspicious but the entire house trusts him and he says that is all that matters.

Love Interest Edit

Barry B Benson is currently dating Johhny Test. They have been going in a healthy relationship and although Barry is one of the least liked character him and Johnny's relationship is the most popular in the house. There is no evidence that their relationship has gone any further than kissing except for one image of Barry squirting honey all over Johnny's head blindfolded in the dark, but when confronted they both denied the image and it is thought to be a fake.

Trivia Edit

  • Barry B Benson is the fourth member of the Big Four.
  • It is theorized that Barry B Benson is actually a prince trapped inside of a bees body.
  • Barry B Benson was good friends with Bee Nic Cage before he tried to steal Johnny.