The Annoying Orange is the controversial main antagonist of the first two episodes of the fifteenth season of Bee Shrek Test in the HouseAs his name suggests, he's a talking orange who's also very annoying and while he was cute in his early days, he's now a tired dead meme and has long since overstayed his welcome. Because of his tired out and aggrivating nature, Orange and the other fruits were sent to Hell's Kitchen where they were to be killed by Gordon Ramsay and finally end their misary once and for all. 


As his name suggests, the Annoying Orange is just an orange with a human face on it. 


The Annoying Orange is just that, an orange whose sole purpose is just to annoy others. Many of the fruits he's annoyed have ended up dying at the hands of the knife and yet Orange has not only been spared every single time, he simply forgets about their deaths. Orange usually tells awful jokes and laughs at the suffering of others making him a sick and sadistic fruit.