The Alternate Big Four, also known as the Evil Big Four, are the alternate universe versions of the members of The Big Four. They rule over the Alternate Universe with an iron fist. They are killed by The Big Four with the assistance of .

Members Edit

All the members of the Alternate Big Four


He's the leader of the bunch, you know him well. He's finally back to kick some tail. His Coconut Gun can fire in spurts. If he shoots ya, it's gonna hurt! He's bigger, faster, and stronger too. He's the first member of the Alternate Big Four!


Communism is the second member of the Alternate Big Four. He is the only member whose name can be written in letters. He is ♅'s right-hand man, willing to do anything to protect him. Communism is very quiet, and never speaks, unless it is to ♅. He is the most intelligent of the Alternate Big Four. He was killed by Shrek.


♈ is the third member of the Alternate Big Four. She is very kind and loving, and opposes ♅. She only bands with the Alternate Big Four to keep her friends safe. During her confrontation with The Big Four, she assists them by attacking ♅. She was killed by Communism and after she got killed, her body turned into a Golden Flower that never stops glowing with her Life Force. Cory still keeps it with him to this very Day to remind him of her Kindness and Loving Spirt. The Flower is currently located in a Flowerpot on Cory's nightstand and the Gold Flower is still glowing to this very day.


☃ is the final member of the Alternate Big Four. During The Big Four's first visit to the Alternate Universe, they find him in a field without his memory. Cory suggests taking him back to the House. The rest of The Big Four are hesistant, but they eventually agree after seeing the corruption in the Alternate Universe. ☃ is a scatterbrain prankster who is always messing with Shrek. He has no ill intentions, but it gets on Shrek's nerves occasionally. He is best friends with Cory, and usually avoids Barry and Johnny. ☃ was killed by ♅.

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