All Ogre the World is the 7th episdoe of the 2nd season


Cory Bets Shrek that he can't go around the world in 80 days on a baloon but Shrek is like bitch I do what I want so Shrek goes around the world in his baloon. Barry and Jonny try to help but they are really dumb and don't help at all. When it looks like Shrek is about to finish the race it is revieled that cory had used the race so he could bang Susan and marry for 2 months. Shrek is all like "I thought we had something." and touched by the way Shrek revealed his love for Cory, Cory revelied again that this was all a plan to get Shrek to cofess his love. Shrek and Cory kiss and the episode ends.


at 6:05 you can see that in one of the other baloons is the old big four

This episode is the first episode where it is reveiled that Shrek loves Cory

This episode was nominated for 7 day time emmys

At the end is a cammio by Tim Curry where he plays one of the women Cory is sleeping with, but turns out to be King Chicken in disguise

When is was first aired the episode stirred contravercy with femmists because at 7:52 Jonny says " I hate women and also the Jews cause I'm evil"

This episode is based on the classic book... Journey to the center of the Earth by George RR martin

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