Adam Flayman

Do not trust this fucker.

Name Adam Flayman
Sex Male
Age 26 (in bee years)
Species Bee
Occupation Lawyer (formerly)
Tabloid reporter (formerly, in "Adam's Hot Scoop! Secrets Revealed?")
Ticket scalper (formerly, in "Forever Ogre")
Archangel of the Dark Harvester
Relatives Ricardo Flayman (father)†
Marissa Kowalski (mother)†
Leonard Flayman (brother)†
Introduced in Rub My Soap All Ogre Your Body
Latest appearance The Final Episode
Adam Flayman is a successful lawyer and long-time friend of Barry B Benson. As of A Very Barry Christmas, he is a murderous, demonically possessed and brainwashed cultist hell-bent on the complete destruction of all of existence.

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Adam Flayman is the sexiest bee in the movie because he has a large stinger

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